SPEED PVC pressure pipes, also known as Polyvinyl Chloride pressure-rated pipes, are a versatile and dependable choice for a wide range of applications that require the transportation of fluids under elevated pressure. Whether you're working on a residential plumbing project, an agricultural irrigation system, or an industrial water distribution network, Our PVC pressure pipes offer numerous advantages that make them a popular choice of our customer.

Standard: Pressure pipes are available in various sizes for different pressure classes of Pipes. Confirming to BS, PS, ASTM & other international Standards

  • Range : 1/2" - 6"
  • Length : 6 Mtr.
  • Color : White.

Key Features of SPEED PVC Pressure Pipe

Durable Material: PVC pressure pipes are constructed from a specialized PVC compound designed to withstand higher pressure levels. This material is renowned for its durability and resistance to corrosion, ensuring a long service life.

Pressure Ratings: These pipes are available in various pressure ratings, such as 200 psi, 250 psi, and 315 psi, among others. The choice of pressure rating depends on the specific requirements of your project and local building codes.

Versatile Sizes: PVC pressure pipes come in a wide range of sizes, suitable for various applications. Whether you need small-diameter pipes for residential use or larger pipes for industrial or municipal systems, you can find the right size for your needs.

Applications: PVC pressure pipes are commonly used for potable water supply, irrigation systems, industrial processes, and more. They are suitable for both underground and above-ground installations.

Efficient Joints: These pipes can be joined using various methods, including solvent cement, threaded fittings, or mechanical couplings. The flexibility in jointing options ensures that you can choose the most suitable method for your application.

Chemical and Corrosion Resistance: PVC pressure pipes are highly resistant to chemical and biological corrosion, making them an ideal choice for transporting a variety of fluids safely.

Low Maintenance: Once installed, PVC pressure pipes require minimal maintenance, helping to reduce long-term operational costs.


Al- Khaleej Industries has been involved in the UPVC industry since the year 2000. We produced our first brand named as Speed in the year 2012.


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